Natural feet are back in fashion

‘Future Footwear Foundation’ develops alternative ways to make footwear that is sustainable for environment and body. Shoes usually do not reflect the natural shape of your foot. Our five toes do not converge to a point in front as one would expect from the shape of many shoes. They rather spread out fanlike, with the big toe standing out.
The interactive presentation will show you your own gait process and link it to how your natural foot would actually look like if you would have never worn footwear.

Did you know?
3D-printing inspired by indigenous handcrafted footwear can offer an alternative. They have a lot in common: its use of materials and time and its focus on the individual. After scanning a person’s feet ‘a made to measure’ shoe is printed in specific 3D-printed material. The link with the indigenous counterpart, made of vegetable tanned buffalo hide, is clear both in aesthetics and in biomechanical properties. The indigenous inspired 3D prints show how individual needs and sustainable production come closer together through new technology. This concept is materialized by the prototypes exhibited here.

The products will be on the market end of 2018 and are commercialized by Vivobarefoot, London, U.K. The project is a collaboration between Future Footwear Foundation KASK, School of Arts Gent, Materialise, RSPrint and Vivobarefoot.

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