source link Reflections, October 2015. By Catherine Willems. I am in Namibia. The thermometer indicates 32 degrees Celsius. This is my first time in Southern Africa. The purpose of my visit is to remake the indigenous hunting sandal with the Ju’/hoan San of Nyae Nyae in Namibia, near the border of Botswana. At the same time I will investigate the impact of the leather sandal on gait. The biomechanics of movement; example of the pressure plate set

site rencontre juive israel Read more' Research In Flanders • Flanders Knowledge Area vzw • Thematic papers • Innovating the Arts Fundamental scientific research is not the only way to tackle today’s social challenges such as they are set out in the Horizon 2020 project, the European Commission’s ground-breaking research and innovation programme that started two years ago in 2014 and will go on until 2020. Research into the arts also offers a whole range of possible solutions. But it does

Read more     In: Volkskunde, driemaandelijks tijdschrift voor de studie van de volkscultuur, Special Issue on cultural heritage, 2015 (sept-dec). Abstract The Saami, living in the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and northwestern Russia (also known as Sápmi) use the nuvttohat during winter time. The nuvttohat is a winter boot made from local available material (i.e. skin of the reindeer fur leg). The boots provide the ultimate protection from the environment while respecting the natural

Read more Op zondag 14 februari geeft Catherine Willems een lezing over haar onderzoeksproject 'Future Footwear' in het kader van de tentoonstelling FOOTPRINT. Catherine Willems gaat op zoek naar haalbare alternatieven voor schoeisel dat duurzaam is voor milieu én lichaam. In haar project ‘Future Footwear’ onderzoekt Catherine of inheems schoeisel vergelijkbare effecten heeft op het milieu en op onze voeten. Catherine heeft hiervoor uitgebreid veldonderzoek gedaan met ambachtslieden in India, Finland en Namibië. Op de geïllustreerde lezing

Read more 'Future Footwear', a PhD in the Arts by Catherine Willems, was defended September 2015. The research was financially supported by the School of Arts, Gent,  KASK. I wish to thank my supervisors, Prof Dr Dirk De Clercq, Dr Dirk van Gogh, Prof Dr Gaëtane Stassijns and Dr Kristiaan D’Août, and my former supervisors Prof em. Dr Rik Pinxten and Prof Dr Wilfried Van Damme for their support, guidance, and mentoring over the years.   To

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come lavorare su tradin on line   Expo: ‘The Re-birth of Footwear’ visualizes sandals, shoes, and boots inspired by four indigenous types of footwear using different levels of production. The exhibition is part of Future Footwear, an artistic and academic PhD research project that integrates three disciplines – design, anthropology, and biomechanics. 'Future Footwear' offers reflections on what it means to create footwear that is sustainable for the body and for the environment. It explores if indigenous footwear could serve as

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viagra without a doctor prescription from canada DR_SoM : Design Research, Series on Method Antwerp 2015-May-28-29   Theme of the Conference: Design  takes  a  central  role  in  the  creation,  comprehension  and  development  of architecture. The  designed  artefact  acts  as  an  epistemic  object,  embodying various   kinds   of   knowledge.   Through   spatial   structure   and   expression,   the designed   building   mirrors   and   constructs   society   and   culture. The   act   of

Read more Catherine Willems is verbonden aan het KASK als onderzoekster. Ze werkt aan een proefschrift 'Future Footwear' waarin ze de culturele, functionele en biomechanische aspecten bekijkt die aan bod komen bij het vervaardigen en het gebruik van schoenen in verschillende contexten. In deze lezing geeft ze toelichting bij haar artikel '100 % Bag Tanned' dat verscheen in de reeks 'Critical Arts'. Ze zal dieper ingaan op de antropologische kant van het onderzoek.  25.03.14—20:00 KASKlezing: Catherine Willems

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