The Kolhapuri artisans claim there is no better footwear than their own for their environment. In Athani no better option than a sandal made out of bag tanned leather is available to absorb the heat and moisture of the climate.

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Future Footwear studies and respects design related aspects of indigenous footwear – in particular, materials and the making process. Future Footwear focuses on indigenous footwear that is entirely leather, manually made, and does not have arch support or heel pads.

Toehold artisans

Kolhapuri artisans, Toehold India (
In India, the small-scale footwear industry employs the traditional cobbler caste, the Chamar.
Most artisans work in family-based establishments, passing skill and knowledge from one generation to the next.

Dastkar artisans

Juttee artisans, Dastkar India (
For the making of juttee footwear we refer to the short film ‘A reindeer between buffalo’

Saami artisans

Saami artisans, Sogsakk Finland (
In winter, the Saami of northern Scandinavia use nuvttohat, a fur boot made from reindeer skin. When reindeer are slaughtered for consumption, their legs are used for footwear, each animal yielding a single pair of boots.